Who is Pink Morro? I don't know, even though it is me, Raúl Ramos. Pink Morro is my alter ego, an invisibility punk layer full of colours which I use to escape from the lack of customary surprise.

How can you define something that changes every day? One day I turn to colour blue and the next, I turn to elephants. And all I do is shape the arbitrariness that I find wherever the art takes me.

Let's stop giving a definition to everything. And let's stop trying to put an order to the chaos of life instead of letting it mess us up. Maybe Pink Morro is just this: seeking the nonsense of things. Or maybe it's something else.


Imagin Café. Barcelona 2019
Madrid design festival. Madrid 2019
Artidisseny. Terrassa 2019



Máster en Dirección de arte, Seeway
Curso Creatividad en DA. Seeway
Máster en Diseño gráfico, Labasad
Workshop creatividad, LCI



Ctra.Comarcal 246
Km 47,5.
08800 Vilanova i la Geltrú
Pol. Gallina Blanca
Nau F-1

Pink Morro
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